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snow shovelSnow Shovels for sale at competitive prices

We are snow shovel specialists retailers, we provide a large range of snow shovels for sale. Choose from lightweight plastic snow shovels, or heavy duty metal snow shovels to suit all budgets. We also have a selection of car folding snow shovels you can keep in the car, this winter, be prepared.

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  • Great prices
  • Great quality
  • Fast delivery or collect in store
  • Vast range available
  • Guaranteed for up to 5

During the exceptional snowfall in the winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11, many people were not prepared and simply had no snow clearing equipment, people were seen using packets of table salt, kettles of boiling water, cardboard and anything else to hand to try to clear their car/drive/road.

snow shovelsWhy not get yourself organised with a superb snow shovel. A snow shovel is a simple tool to use to remove snow from driveways, walkways, steps, patios, decks and other outdoor areas so that they are clear after snowfalls.

Order now to avoid delivery delays, last year delivery vans simply could not deliver as the whole country was snowbound, don't wait until their is a foot of snow on your street, order now and be prepared.

Ice Breakers are new to our range this year, this simple tool is like a knife blade on a handle and is designed to break up ice and compacted snow to a point where a shovel can be used to move it, order one with your shovel to avoid breaking the snow shovel when things get tough.

Snow shovels and Ice Breakers are useful snow clearing equipment, designed to keep the areas around your home or business clear of snow, reducing the hazard that walking and driving in snow can present. Please remember your snow shovel is not designed to shovel compacted frozen snow, using your shovel for this purpose carries a high risk of damaging it, whenever possible shovel snow that is newly fallen and has not been compacted by vehicles and footfall. Where necessary use an ice breaker first thus ensuring a long life for your snow shovel.

There are many types of snow shovels to choose from, finding the best type of snow shovel to fit the job and that will be the safest to use without causing injury is an important step in ensuring that clearing the next snowfall will not be the cause of a physical injury.

sledgeFun Snow Products

Snow Shovels UK supply a range of sledges and fun snow products for sale online or in-store, see our online catalogue for full details of the range of sledges & toboggans available

Sledges are great fun, buy one now whilst stocks last, why leave it until it snows when everyone runs out of stock, the delivery companies can not reach you etc.

snowmanAll our sledges are guaranteed for your peace of mind. Buy yours today and be ready for the next snowfall.

Modern sledges are manufactured from the latest high impact plastics and are lighter, easier to steer and control and faster than traditional wooden sledges.

picture the scene, you open the curtains to a snow day, the newscaster says you are advised not to travel and all the schools are shut for the day, you now need a sledge in order to have a great day out with the kids, but the cheap one you bought from the filling station is split!!! Order your sledges now and be prepared for the inevitable few days a year when owning a sledge will make you feel like a hero.

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