Snow Shovels & Sledges Arrive

14 November 2010  |  Admin

Snow Shovels, Ice Scrapers & Sledges have arrived

It seems like we have waited for a long time for this delivery as the level of enquiries and interest in the products has snowballed since the launch of the website, at long last we have the delivery and can start shipping out orders.

We have had a special carton designed for shipping snow shovels, as the carton can hold up to 2 shovels we are offering a special deal on shipping, any 2 shovels ship for the price of 1.

It is always a nervous time opening the delivery and checking the stock, you never know what will arrive until you actually open the containers and can see for yourself that the stock is the same quality as the samples, no problems though, the shovels, sledges and scrapers are of incredible quality and should last many years even with heavy use.

The only issues we can see at this time, are that we do not have some colours as advertised on the website, we may need to substitute different colours depending upon your order, I can not see this being much of a problem as most people do not need to match their snow shovel colour to carpets, curtains or even their outfit.

Author, P Wilkinson

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